World Waste and Energy Problems

Problem # 1 MSW
How do the worlds towns, cities and governments turn millions of tons of municipal solid waste generated each year that is choking landfills, causing health and environmental problems worldwide into a sustainable clean renewable source of electricity and bio-fuels?
Problem # 2 Source of Fuel
Where to find a economical sustainable clean renewable source for the generation of synthetic gas to be used to fire electrical power generation facilities and produce bio-fuels worldwide that is 100% scalable, of modular design and can be easily built and installed in any area of the world?
Problem # 3 Source of Biofuel
How to supply the nations of the world with the sustainable renewable fuels they require to continue to develop their industry, modernize their infrastructure and improve the lives of their citizens without destroying the very environment that they depend on for quality of life and food production?
Problem # 4 Source of Power
Where to find an abundant source of sustainable clean green renewable electrical power that does not adversely affect the local environment and contribute to global pollution?